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Our influencers

We have the exclusive right to create influencer 

marketing campaigns with our amazing influencers.

We know our influencers as well as we know our own

team. That's why we're the right agency to find the 

perfect influencer and brand matches.


We represent a range of different influencers for

different campaign needs. Through us, you can 

reach audiences from Generation Z to the older

generations. Our oldest influencer is 70 years old,

and our youngest is 18. When selecting influeners,

we look for a defined audience and high engagement. 

In addition to the influencers we manage, we are in touch with an extensive network of influencers to facilitate all types of influencer marketing campaigns. Our key advantage is our stellar reputation among influencers. To our clients this means flexibility, high quality content and reasonable pricing. 

It is incredibly important to us, that OCMG's influencers feel heard. We only set up campaigns for them that they can completely stand behind. 


We have extensive influencer networks and we are looking for the perfect influencer for your brand.

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