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Truly multichannel influencer marketing


OCMG Nordic Oy is full of experts in influencer marketing. We're great at what we do, and we're driven by results. 


In a short time, OCMG Nordic has risen to be one of the leading influencer marketing organisations in Finland.

OCMG Nordic elevated influencer marketing in Finland to a whole new level by utilizing the tools from content marketing. Multichannel is more than a word on our website for us. A multichannel approach can provide both better reach and better results. According to Social Media Today, an influencer marketing campaign can reach up to 11 times higher ROI compared to a traditional marketing campaign.

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Olga, Visit Tampere

“OCMG:n porukka on ammattimaista, helposti lähestyttävää ja lämminhenkistä.

He ovat taitavia tunnistamaan sellaisiakin tarpeita, joita asiakas ei ole vielä itse tajunnut. Laadukkaat ja huolella suunnitellut tarjoukset ja kampanjat säästävät ostajan aikaa.” 

Katri, Anyfin

"Anyfinin kanssa yhteistyöhön päätyneissä vaikuttajissa on ollut mukana myös sellaisia vaikuttajia, jotka ovat aiemmin kieltäytyneet tekemästä yhteistyötä Anyfinin kanssa.

Tässä on meille konkreettinen lisäarvo, kun aiemmin meidät torjuneet vaikuttajat ovatkin innostuneet yhteistyöstä kanssamme OCMG:n ansiosta."

Sari, Saintex

"Vaikuttajayhteistyö OCMG Nordicin kanssa oli todella sujuvaa ja koko tiimi oli erittäin asiantunteva ja aikaansaava. 
Ritan postauksilla verkkokauppamme sai aivan uudenlaista näkyvyyttä ja Ritan kuviin valitseman tuotteen myynti moninkertaistui. Lisäksi saimme uusia innokkaita seuraajia ja hyvää näkyvyyttä somessa." 


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What do we actually do?

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EA Sports

OCMG Nordic was responsible for the game launches for both NHL22 and NHL23. We provided an all inclusive solution, which included designing physical and digital designs for a player's uniform as well as photo and video production. We carefully coordinated the collaboration throughout the campaigns to ensure that our client did not have to do anything but enjoy the results. 


Additionally we worked with the client's communications agency and worked together to produce press releases on the campaigns. This collaboration has now been running for several years. 

The first collaboration was published in a grand setting on Nokia Arena during the Finnish National ice hockey league matches.

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Visit Tampere

The collaboration between Visit Tampere and OCMG Nordic

has contained both B2B and B2C influencer marketing. From

the client's perspective, the key reasons for our continued collaboration have been how easy working together has been as well as OCMG Nordic's expertise. Visit Tampere's PR expert Olga says, that her daily workload is far lighter when she's able to trust influencer campaigns in the hands of professionals. 

"The campaign materials sent to us have been highly professional. The text materials have included everything we requested, while still coming across as authentic and therefore also credible


Overall I'm very happy with our collaboration with OCMG. I especially appreciate their client oriented way of working", Olga says. 


“OCMG's team is highly professional, easy to work with and kind spirited. They are skilled at recognising needs that the client may not have thought of yet. Outsourcing campaigns from them has been made easy, and their quotes are carefully thought out", according to Olga.

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Anyfin was among the first companies OCMG Nordic worked with. The collaboration has already spanned over two years and included several separate campaigns. The continuing collaboration has a solid foundation in the ease of OCMG Nordic's all inclusive campaign production.

The client has praised OCMG Nordic for carefully selected brand matches and well thought out campaign ideas. In addition to great text content, the campaigns' stellar visual appearance has been critical in the success of these campaigns. 

The campaigns were displayed on social media and other media channels. 

Saaren Taika.png

Saaren Taika

OCMG Nordic has worked with the Finnish natural cosmetics company Saaren Taika.  

OCMG Nordic designed creative multichannel influencer marketing campaigns for the client, which included several different media channels such as print media, online media, Instagram, TikTok and physical events. 

OCMG Nordic produces Saaren Taika campaigns at a rate of almost one per month, and is responsible for the client's brand ambassadors. 

Saaren Taika has given OCMG Nordic positive feedback for creative and effective ideas. 

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OCMG Nordic was responsible for all campaigns related to Varpu and Sami Hintsanen's home building project, called Hintsasvilla. OCMG Nordic sought out suitable partners for both building and furnishing the couple's home - from rugs to geothermal heating. 


OCMG Nordic put together an insert to showcase Hintsanens' new home, which was published within Glorian Koti.

Additionally the client companies enjoyed visibility on digital media platforms, which covered consumers all across Finland. 

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