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Career at OCMG Nordic

Are you an experienced B2B seller or are you interested in influencer marketing / communication practising?

OCMG Nordic Oy wants to continue strong growth and be the most successful influencer marketing agency in Finland. This sometimes means hectic and constant change in everyday life. OCMG Nordic understands that profit and growth come from people's well-being. We want to enable a balance between everyday life and work, and to be an enabler of dreams.

In addition to fair and just remuneration, we offer well-being-supporting praise, for example in the form of paid days off. In addition, our fun committee thinks about how everyday life can be turned into a party.

We are youthful, humorous and relaxed community that aims for tough results together. OCMG Nordic promises to do its best every single day to create an excellent employee experience. We want our work to be creative, fun and flexible. As a company, OCMG Nordic is a new but stable employer that genuinely invests in its employees. 

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