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About us

OCMG Nordic Oy was founded at the end of 2020 and began operations at the beginning of 2021. At first, the company's business focused on substantive articles, which were combined with an influencer to bring interest to the article. The articles were published in Finland's most popular periodicals. Periodicals are still involved in OCMG Nordic's operations, but the nature of the articles has changed.


Today, the company offers multi-channel solutions for marketers. For example, targeted digital marketing, periodicals, video production and various social media visibility strategies - total packages on how to utilize the collaboration with the influencer as widely as possible.


The company has started its operations in Tampere's Satakunnakatu, where the first Office was located. The company's operations cover the whole of Finland and we have also served some customers outside of Finland.


Most of OCMG's employees work in Tampere, but we also have an office in Helsinki and thus a strong foothold in the capital region as well.


The company's first influencers with whom we started to cooperate were, for example, Esko Eerikäinen, Varpu Hintsanen, Anniina Raittinen, Juha Larm and Sointu Borg. Today, we have extensive networks of influencers and we map out suitable influencers according to the customer's needs, but of course we are happy to work with familiar influencers.

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